Attributes are small text tags that you create and assign to clients and employees. An attribute assigned to a client and employee indicates that the employee is matching the client on this attribute. Assigning attributes to both clients and employees will help to identify the best matching employees during the scheduling process. When you create an attribute it is saved and made available globally to be assigned to as many clients and employees as you like, this way you create an attribute once and can use it multiple times.

To create new or assign existing attribute:

1. Click on Client or Employee main menu, then switch to Attributes Tab.
2. Click on "+New Attribute" link to add new attribute row.
3. Type new value into Attribute Name field, then hit Enter key or click on the link that appears below. You can also select one of the existing attributes from drop down list.
4. Add optional attribute description to the description field, and click on "Create" to assign the attribute.

Please note that you cannot assign same attribute more than once to the same client or employee.

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