When you assign an employee to a client's schedule, you open Employee Assign List from the Job Edit view. The Employee Assign list displays a list of employees that are available to cover the client's shift. One of the columns on the right hand side is called "Attr. Match" and is showing the percentage value of how well the employee is matching to the client. You can sort the employee list by clicking on any column in this view including the Attribute Match column, which will sort it from highest to lowest or vice versa if you click on the column repeatedly.
The percentage value indicates how many attributes that assigned to this client are also assigned to the employee. For example if attribute match percentage for an employee is showing 50% that means that this employee has only half of the attributes assigned to the client.

Here is a complete list of steps:

1. Click on "New Job" button on Schedule Board to create new job or click on existing one to edit it.
2. Set start and time and select a client if creating a new job.
3. Click on "Assign" button in the bottom right corner of Job Edit dialog.
4. Click on "Attr. Match" column in the Assign Employee list to sort the list from highest to smallest value.

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