A charge rate for a client and a pay rate for employee can be assigned to a schedule in the Job Edit dialog. The lists with rates will only appear in the Job Edit dialog if you imported your clients and employees into TimeCurve Scheduler from QuickBooks, otherwise these lists will not appear in the Job Edit dialog at all.
When you create a schedule you choose to assign a charge rate for the client and pay rate for the assigned employee. This information is used to export invoices and work timesheets into QuickBooks if you decide to use this feature.

You can also indicate that the schedule hours are charged to a client at a flat rate as well as the employee is paid for the work at a flat rate. To enable the flat rates, place a checkmark in the "Flat rate" checkboxes for client and/or employee. When exporting invoices to QuickBooks for schedules marked as flat rate, the invoice is created such that the item line on it is based on a 1 hour x the rate assigned to the schedule regardless of the number of hours in the schedule. For example, if the schedule is for 6 hours from 10am - 4pm, with assigned rate of $120 but marked as flat rate, the exported to QuickBooks invoice will show a line with amount of 1 at a rate of $120. Setting flat rate for the employee will work similarly to a client's invoice. The exported to QuickBooks timesheet, will show 1 hour worked at a flat rate assigned to a schedule.

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