Employee Telephony Time Clock software (also called Electronic Visit Verification or EVV) will allow for your employee to punch in and out from their place of work, giving you an exact number of hours that they worked. This is invaluable information for a business owner. You will know who worked where and for how long. You will know exactly how much an employee should be paid and how much customer should be charged. Employee Telephony Time Clock software will also save you money since you will always be paying your employees exactly what they earned.

Select Time Clock software that allows your employees to call in via regular telephone line. This is very effective and inexpensive solution that will save your business money in the long run. Employee Telephony Time Clock system will provide you with live, up-to the minute overview of your employees in the field. If employee is late or didn't show up at all, the system will let you know so that you can take immediate action and be able to cover that shift with another employee. Consider selecting scheduling software   hat offers integrated telephony punch clock like TimeCurve Scheduler.