Armed with information in this Scheduling Software Guide you can make an educated decision when choosing Employee Scheduling Software for your business. Software designed for dynamic scheduling will best fit businesses that have complex, dynamic, ever changing schedules. If your business deals on a daily basis with constantly changing schedules, anything from a few hours to overnight shifts, schedules where same employee is scheduled to cover several jobs/clients on the same day, schedules where more than one employee needs to be assigned to the same job/client and other complex variations, then dynamic type of scheduling software like TimeCurve Scheduler is what your business needs.

Some examples where such staff scheduling software will work best are:

  • - Home Care Agencies
  • - Home Health Agencies
  • - Pet Sitting Services
  • - Security Guard Agencies
  • - Cleaning and Janitorial Services
  • - HVAC Technicians
  • - Builders, Remodelers, Interior Designers
  • - Hair Salons and Spas
  • - Other businesses that provide onsite services