Project management software is an essential tool that every Project Manager should have. Imagine the productivity increase when the Project Manager is able to communicate, gather input, and work with their team members, even when they are not all in one room. Web-based project management software makes it all available. All your team members have to do is log on and collaborate. Used in conjunction with scheduling software, this duo will save your company money and enable quicker response. Your profits will increase along with your productivity and efficiency.

Finding the right project management software for your company could be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. When looking for software, make sure that it is PMI project management certified. PMI stands for The Project Management Institute and they have a high set of standards that the best software follows. Some other key features should be:

  • - PMBOK compliant. (Project Manager Book of Knowledge).
  • - Allows instant and easy import and export of Microsoft Project files.
  • - Microsoft certified.
  • - Ability to allocate different teams with separate access permissions.
  • - Ability to track project time, expense, and invoice management.
  • - Includes Gantt chart views.

  • Not all project management software is created equal. Using a web-based software allows for the convenience of seamless, instant access from either a PC or Mac. The software can even be accessed by important team members when they're on vacation! It's perfect for last minute changes or garnishing valuable input when needed from a missing team member.

    Scheduling software takes the hassle out of scheduling employees or equipment, and by using project management software, you can have total control over the entire project. The inclusion of templates, project scheduling, document and collaboration management, resource management, project budget and costs, time and expense sheets, and customizable reports, makes managing easy. Scheduling software and PMI project management software allows for your boardroom to go global!

    Project Insight is a mid-range web based project management software solution. It can be customized to customer specifications and will integrate with Microsoft project management software. It is the only mid-market web based project management solution approved by Microsoft.