Reminders is a feature that allows to set a reminder for either a client or employee. A reminder consist of a date and time and a short note description. When reminder comes due a small red circle appears in the upper right corner of the page on top of "Notifications" button. When you cllick on "Notifications" button a list of existing reminders is displayed. A reminder can be cleared by clicking on a "Clear" link next to a reminder. Additionally all open reminders can be cleared by clicking on a "Clear All" link in the upper right corner of reminders list.

The reminders appear in the Notifications list 15 minutes before it becomes due.

Please follow these steps to create a reminder:

1. Click on a Client or Employee, then switch to Reminders tab.
2. Click on "New reminder" link.
3. Set date and time by clicking on a date picker field, and add a description.
4. Click on "Save" button to create the reminder.

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