If you receive this error message when trying to connect TimeCurve QuickBooks Utility, please do the following:

1. Close both QuickBooks and TimeCurve Utility.

2. Right click on your Windows Taskbar (bottom of the window to the right of Start button) and select Start Task Manager.

3. In Task Manager window switch to Processes Tab.

4. Locate QBW32.EXE listed in the left column (there maybe more than one instance).

5. Select it then click on "End Processes" button in the bottom right corner. Repeat for all instances of QBW32.EXE.

6. Re-start QuickBooks in Administrator mode by right clicking on QuickBooks icon and selecting "Run as Administrator" from popup menu.

7. Start TimeCurve QuickBooks Utility to begin authorization process with QuickBooks.

For more details please visit www.timecurve.com