There are two ways that a schedule can be split between more than one employee. You can create two separate adjacent schedules and assign different employees to each one. Another simpler and more efficient approach is to create a single schedule but assign multiple employees to portions of the schedule. 

1. Click on "Create New Job" button to open New Job dialog.

2. Select a client from drop down list and set the start and end time.

3. In Assign Employee(s) section of the dialog click on  "Assign" button to assign first employee. 

4. Click on the "Covers portion of job" checkbox next to the first employee's name. This will enable the time picker controls to the right of checkbox. Using the time controls select a portion of the schedule. You will notice that a second empty employee position will be added below the first with the start/end time automatically set to the remainder of the schedule.

5. Click on "Assign" button to assign the second employee to the unassigned portion of the job.

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