Our pricing model sets TimeCurve apart from competition because we let you design your own subscription package where you pay only for resources that you need. There are three simple steps to complete the sign up process:

1. Pick number of clients and employees that you need to schedule (minimum of 25). The number that you select is the number of clients and employees that you will be able to enter into the system. If you picked for example 50 clients and employees, you will be able to add 50 clients and 50 employees to the system.

2. Select number of system users. In this step you are selecting the number of users that will have simultaneous access to the system and be able to work with it. Depending on the number of clients and employees selected in first step a certain number of system users are included in the package for free:
25 - 50 clients/employees 1 user is included
51 - 100 clients/employees 2 users are included
101 - 200 clients/employees 3 users are included
thereafter one user is included for every additional 100 clients/employees

3. Finally enter a discount code if available to calculate the final subscription price.

We offer a pricing calculator that you can use to calculate your subscription package. 

Please note that you can upgrade your subscription package at any time by increasing the number of clients and employees as well as number of system users.

For more details please visit www.timecurve.com