The process for automating IDOA billing is simple. We provide a lightweight PC program which generates a special IDOA billing file based on schedules created in TimeCurve Scheduler. This billing file is then uploaded into IDOA eCCP web portal. The whole process takes literally just a couple of minutes:

Basic steps are:

1. Setup your clients, employees and schedules in TimeCurve Scheduler online.

2. Download and install on your PC a small program called TimeCurve Billing Utility.

3. Start TimeCurve Billing Utility on your PC and when prompted, login to your TimeCurve Scheduler account.

4. Follow prompts to generate IDOA billing file based on schedules in TimeCurve Scheduler.

5. Login to your IDOA eCCP account online and upload the generated billing file.

Please download and review a detailed user manual for TimeCurve Billing Utility program.

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