TimeCurve Scheduler features a concept of "scheduled" and "actual" (worked) hours. When schedule is created, the actual hours by default are the same as scheduled hours. Call data downloaded from Santrax into TimeCurve Scheduler is used to update the actual hours in TimeCurve. For example, lets say you created a schedule from 12pm - 2pm, and the employee has called to clock in at 12:15pm and clocked out at 1:45pm. When this call is downloaded into TimeCurve Scheduler the actual hours of the schedule will be updated from 12p - 2pm to 12:15pm - 1:45pm resulting in employee working for 30 minutes less than what was scheduled. 

TimeCurve Scheduler offers various reports, charts and graphs where you will be able to see both scheduled and actual hours to see how they may differ based on downloaded call data.

For more details please visit www.timecurve.com