We are pleased to announce two exciting new features to help you manage your daily operations. First we’ve added the ability to place addresses on the map in order to help you find the closest employee to the client. The second great feature we are introducing today is ability to set a maximum number of weekly hours for the client.

Find closest employee to your client by placing their addresses on the map.

TimeCurve Scheduler now offers you an option to quickly map your available employees on the map in order to identify the closest employee to your client. Employee addresses are represented on the map by a red pin, while the client’s location will show as a blue pin. You can click on a pin to open a small popup with details showing the name and the address.

Mapping addresses is simple.

When you click on Assign button to display the list of available employees, you will notice a new button called “Map” in the upper right corner. Click on it and TimeCurve will open a new page with a map of addresses.

Set a limit of weekly scheduled hours for clients.

Are you servicing a client that has a hard limit of weekly hours that you can bill for? TimeCurve Scheduler now supports an option of setting a maximum weekly allowed hours for a client. In order to set the limit open Clients->Jobs & Schedules Tab as illustrated in the screen shot below.

TimeCurve warns if client maximum hours are exceeded.

Once the maximum weekly limit is set for a client, TimeCurve will warn you if scheduled hours for the client exceed the limit. Schedules that go over the weekly hours limit will be displayed in pale pink color and are easy to identify by placing your mouse over the schedule cell.

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Stay tuned for more great releases in the next couple weeks. Have a wonderful week!