TimeCurve Software Inc. (http://www.timecurve.com) offers top quality software for tracking employee work schedules. After a decade of developing and implementing software products, clients are pleased with the reliable and highly available system deployed in the Amazon Cloud environment.

PRESS RELEASE: Wheeling IL, 25-NOVEMBER-2013 - TimeCurve Software Inc is pleased to announce that a free trial of the reliable online Wheeling IL employee scheduling software is available to small and mid-size businesses. The use of such software is particularly applicable to home care agencies, pet sitting businesses, cleaning services and HVAC technicians. Any business that must schedule employees in various locations and times would benefit by the software.

According to a representative of the Wheeling IL employee scheduling software firm, "TimeCurve Software is privately owned and was established in 2002. We released our first employee scheduling software for Windows PC's in August 2003. TimeCurve Scheduler for desktops was a highly rated, successful product used by hundreds of small to mid-size businesses across the globe. Our current line of products also includes an online version of TimeCurve Scheduler designed from the ground up and based on a decade of experience."

"The mission of TimeCurve" he continues, "is to help various businesses to cut operating costs and improve efficiency of their staff scheduling process. Our talent, technical expertise, and understanding of tough scheduling requirements that many businesses have makes us a preferred scheduling software vendor for a wide variety of institutions."

Many functions are possible by using the capabilities of the software. Users can create complex schedules, track conflicts and unassigned jobs and check employee availability, as well as track overtime hours. The software is fully integrated with Quickbooks and will also provide attribute matching between clients and employees. The product can set up and utilize multiple, role-based user accounts. Other features can provide easy check in and reporting functions.

Learn more about TimeCurve Software and its online employee time scheduling software by visiting the web pages at https://www.timecurve.com today. Members of the press and others with further questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact the company at the location provided below.

Company Name: TimeCurve Software Inc.

Address: 1040 S. Milwaukee Avenue, Suite 200, Wheeling, IL 60090

Contact Telephone Number: (847) 979-9143

Email: support@timecurvesoft.com

Website: https://www.timecurve.com