Top 5 Features Your Scheduling Software Must Have

Whether you run a grocery store, senior home care agency, a hotel chain or restaurant, employee scheduling software can streamline your business and eliminate headaches. Here are top 5 features that a well designed scheduling solution can’t be without.

1. Easy-To-Use Yet Flexible Scheduling

Well designed scheduling software will support creation of the most complex schedules, covering various scenarios such as, assigning multiple employees to the same client, splitting a shift between multiple employees, seamless support for overnight shifts to name a few. It should also offer a wide range of recurrence options so that you can create schedule manually once and let the system manage it going forward.

2. Seamless Integration With QuickBooks

Integration with bookkeeping software will allow you to fully automate the client invoicing and employee payroll. If you are creating client invoices and employee payroll manually, then your scheduling software is not doing a good job. Automating these tasks will help you eliminate errors, free up resources for other tasks and get paid faster.

3. Powerful Reporting

Ability to generate detailed reports, charts and graphs is essential for a busy office. Good scheduling software will have have options to generate, filter and sort reports in various ways. Additionally features to export reports in most common formats such as PDF and Excel files should also be offered.

4. Web-Based Solution

Online based solution has many advantages over the old PC based software. A web browser is all you need. Online-based applications don’t need any special software that then has to be installed on a computer. Simply access the cloud-based portal, and you’re ready to start scheduling. Online- or cloud-based apps are designed to accommodate multiple users. There’s no need to install the platform on multiple computers or setup complex servers. Your data is protected with encryption algorithms as well as being backed daily.

5. Integration with Electronic Visit Verification Systems

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) enables telephone or computer-based service that electronically confirms when employees clock in or out for their shift. With EVV integration, manual timesheets are a thing of the past. The hours worked from the employees are automatically imported into the system, so there is no need to be manually processed, thereby eliminating errors and the lengthy process of reconciling time sheets with schedules.