Employee scheduling software should be flexible enough to accommodate the vast majority of your HR and business needs. Unlike other solutions, TimeCurve Software has been specially designed to incorporate QuickBooks for accounting tasks, as well as Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) systems for employee time management.

Here’s how these two essential platforms can be integrated into scheduling software for a more productive and efficient experience:

QuickBooks and TimeCurve Integration

QuickBooks is a financial accounting service designed for small businesses. It offers capabilities for money management, expense billing, sales invoicing and more. Most notably, QuickBooks and TimeCurve can be dually integrated, so payroll and invoicing is a breeze.

Specifically, TimeCurve integrates with QuickBooks by importing clients and employees from QuickBooks. TimeCurve also can export client invoices and employee payroll timesheets to QuickBooks from TimeCurve.

With hours and rates logged in the TimeCurve portal, the essential information is instantly exported to QuickBooks for quick, headache-free payroll processing and invoicing. Consider this easy, breezy scenario: A company services a hundred clients, all of whom need to be invoiced bi-weekly. In QuickBooks alone, hand-creating a hundred detailed invoices would take hours, if not days. And then two weeks later, the process would have to be repeated. With TimeCurve, this never-ending cycle is eliminated and the process is fully automated. 

TimeCurve uses this feature to create invoices based on client schedules and seamlessly exports them into QuickBooks.

Similarly, creating payroll for a hundred employees is a tedious task. TimeCurve automates this process as well, eliminating stress and wasted time.

Electronic Visit Verification

Long are the days of punch cards! Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) enables telephone or computer-based service that electronically confirms when employees clock in or out for their shift. EVV is mandatory in many regions of the United States, so integrating this will employee scheduling software creates a seamless time-tracking process.

With TimeCurve and EVV integration, manual timesheets are a thing of the past. The hours worked from the employees are automatically imported into the system, so there is no need to be manually processed. Plus, with everything automated in one centralized location, the preset process reduces mistakes from human error, making it much more reliable than the alternatives.

Have questions about how your business can use TimeCurve Software in conjunction with QuickBooks and EVV? Get started with a free trial today!